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Taehyeong and Hyemin have won best paper awards from the KHNES 2024!!





   Ki Mun has successfully defended his PhD thesis and become a Ph.D. graduate from TELab!! 


   Ki Mun's work on 'Large transverse thermopower in shape-engineered tilted leg thermopile' has been accepted in 'Applied Energy'!!

Recent Publications

44. A. Kumar, S. Thoravat, H. J. Jin, J. Park, H. Jin, P. Rawat, J. S. Rhyee*

Enhancement of Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type Bismuth Telluride Bulk Composites with Ag-TiO2 Nano Particles Spray Coating and Hot Deformation Process”,

Journal of Materiomics, (accepted)

43. A. Kumar, P. Rawat, J. H. Kim, S. Thoravat, J. Park, H. Jin, J. S. Rhyee*

Enhancement of thermoelectric performance by stacking fault control in (GeTe)1-x(Bi2Te3)x compounds, synthesized by hot press sintering method”,

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 322, 129532 (2024)

42. J. H. Kim, J. H. Yun, S. Cha, S. Byeon, J. Park, H. Jin, S. Kim, S. J. Kim, J. Park, J. Jang, S. Park, J. S. Rhyee*

Enhancement of Phase Stability and Thermoelectric Performance of Meta-Stable AgSbTe2 by Thermal Cycling Process”,

Advanced Functional Materials, 2404886 (2024)

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