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Spin Caloritronics XII

May 22-25, 2023
Tsukuba Center for Institutes & National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), JAPAN





   Prof. Jin has been appointed as the 

'POSTECH Young Distinguished Professor'!!


   Sang Jun's work on 'Thermoelectric Hotspot Cooling Using Thermally Conductive Fillers' has been accepted in 'Applied Thermal Engineering'!!


   Dongkyu has been selected as recipients of the 'KHNES 2023 Best Paper Award'!!

Recent Publications

37. D. Shin, Y. LeeS. J. Park, D. H. Chae, H. Jin, E. Mun, K. Park, J. Kim 

Supernonlocality in a Weyl semimetal”,

Applied Physics Letters, 123, 133101 (2023)

36. C. W. Jang, Y. A. Salawu, J. H. Kim, V. Q. Nguyen, M. S. Kim, S.-E. Lee, H. Son, H.-J. Kim, J.-S. Rhyee, S. Cho, J. S. Lee, M.-H. Jung, W. H. Shon, T. J. Jeong, S. Kim, H.-Y. Yum, J. H. Kim, X. Wang, R. G. Elliman, S. J. Park, J. Kim, H. Jin, S.-H. Choi 

Two-dimensional Weyl-semimetal states achieved by a thickness-dependent crossover and topological phase transition in Bi0.96Sb0.04 thin films”,

Advanced Functional Materials, 2305179 (2023)

35. S. J. Park, J. Park, K. M. Bang, J. M. Lee, W. Park, P. Ziolkowski, and H. Jin* 

Thermoelectric hotspot cooling using thermally conductive fillers”,

Applied Thermal Engineering, 232, 120994 (2023)

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