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Our lab has recently won a grant from Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center of Samsung Electronics for the project 'Novel magnon valve based on topological materials and exchange bias'

Project #: SRFC-MA2002-02




   Min Young's work on 'Optimization of bulk and interface properties in designing efficient spin Seebeck-based thermoelectric device' has been published in 'Energy & Environmental Science' !!

Recent Publications

27.    M. Y. Kim, S. J. Park, G.-Y. Kim, S.-Y. Choi, and H. Jin* 

Designing efficient spin Seebeck-based thermoelectric devices via simultaneous optimization of bulk and interface properties”,

Energy Environ. Sci., Advance Article (2021)

26.    J. H. Kim, G. Kim, S. ByeonH. Jin, and J.-S. Rhyee 

Synergistic Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performances by Cl-doping and Pb-Excess in (Pb,Sn)Se Topological Crystal Insulator”,

Materials 14, 1920 (2021)

25.    S. Y. Lee†, S. Byeon†, H. S. Kim, H. Jin*, and S. Lee* 

† Both authors contributed equally to this work

* Corresponding authors

Deep Learning-based Phase Prediction of High-entropy Alloys: Optimization, Generation, and Explanation”,

Mater. Des. 197, 109260 (2021)