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Sang Jun and Jangwoo have won an encouragement prize from the 30th Samsung Humantech Paper Awards for the paper 'Unusually large anomalous Nernst effects in partially-crystallized ferromagnetic metallic glasses'



New Members!


   Two new members Jinho, Seungjun joined TELab!!



   Sang Jun has successfully defended his PhD thesis and become a Ph.D. graduate from TELab!! 

Recent Publications

40. A. Kumar, S. Thoravat, H. J. Jin, J. Park, H. Jin, P. Rawat, and J. S. Rhyee 

Hierarchical nano-/micro-architecture phonon scattering of p-type Bismuth Telluride bulk composites with Ag-TiO2 nano particles synthesized by fluidized bed spray coating method”,

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 979, 173503 (2024)

39. B. Jang, W. Lee, J. J. Lee, H. Jin

Artificial neural network-based temperature prediction of a lunar orbiter in thermal vacuum test: Data-driven reduced-order models”,

Aerospace Science and Technology, 145, 108867 (2024)

38. P. Rawat, A. Kumar, J. H. Yun, H. Jin, S. Byeon, H. Jin, and J. S. Rhyee

Hierarchical phonon scattering from nano to macro scale in Ag-nano/TiO2-micro particle decorated p-type Bismuth Telluride bulk composites”,

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15, 58487-58496 (2023)

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