Our lab has recently won a grant from Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center of Samsung Electronics for the project 'Novel magnon valve based on topological materials and exchange bias'

Project #: SRFC-MA2002-02


New Members Joined TELab!

New four members Junseok, Beomjun, Jangwoo, Byungkwan joined TELab!!

Excellence in 
Teaching Award


Prof. Jin have received the
'20 Excellence in Teaching Award
for his 'Heat transfer' class!   

Recent Publications

26.    J. H. Kim*, G. Kim*, S. ByeonH. Jin, and J.-S. Rhyee 

Synergistic Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performances by Cl-doping and Pb-Excess in (Pb,Sn)Se Topological Crystal Insulator”,

Materials 14, 1920

25.    S. Y. Lee*, S. Byeon*, H. S. Kim, H. Jin†, and S. Lee† 

* Both authors contributed equally to this work

† Corresponding authors

Deep Learning-based Phase Prediction of High-entropy Alloys: Optimization, Generation, and Explanation”,

Mater. Des. 197, 109260 (2021)

24.    S. Y. Back, J. H. Yun, H. Cho, S. Byeon, H. Jin and J.-S. Rhyee

High thermoelectric performance by chemical potential tuning and lattice anharmonicity in GeTe1-xIx compounds”,

Inorg. Chem. Front. 8, 1205-1214 (2021)

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