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MECH371 열전달 (Heat Transfer)

  • Course Information

​MECH371​ / 열전달 (Heat transfer)

  • Course Objective

(1) To understand basic mechanisms of energy transport, i.e. conduction, convection and radiation
(2) To learn analytical skills to solve various heat transfer problems

  • Prerequisites & Require

Fluid mechanics

  • Grading

Midterm exam (30 %), Final exam (40 %), Homework (15 %), Quiz (5 %), Attendance (10 %)

  • Course Materials

Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer, 7th ed.

Incropera et al./ Wiley / 2011

  • Course References

1. H.S. Carslaw and J.C. Jaeger, 1996, Conduction of Heat in Solids, Oxford
2. W.M. Kays and M.E. Crawford, 1996, Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, McGraw-Hill
3. R. Siegel, J.R. Howell, 1992, Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, Hemisphere
4. V.P. Carey, 1992, Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena, Hemisphere
5. 김찬중, 2001, 길잡이 열전달의 기초, 문운당

  • Course Plan

Week 1 : Introduction to heat transfer
Week 2 : 1-d steady-state conduction
Week 3 : Extended surfaces
Week 4 : Transient conduction
Week 5 : 2-d steady-state conduction and numerical analysis
Week 6 : Introduction to external flow heat transfer
Week 7 : Dimensional analysis
Week 8 : Midterm exam
Week 9 : Convection over a flat plate
Week 10 :Internal flow heat convection
Week 11 : Introduction to radiation
Week 12 : Radiation exchange between black surfaces
Week 13 : Radiation exchange between diffuse gray surfaces
Week 14 : Natural convection
Week 15 : Boiling and condensation
Week 16 : Final exam

  • Course Operation

    • Homework will be assigned approximately once a week. Homework should be turned in before the due date. Late ho mework will not be collected.

    • A comprehensive final exam will be given at the end of the semester. All the material that is reviewed in class will b e covered in the final exam. Both midterm & final exams will be closed-book and emphasize understanding of basic co ncepts and basic problem solving skills. No make-up exams will be allowed except for legitimate circumstances, e. g., a verified medical emergency.

    • There can be a quiz at the beginning of class without prior notice.

    • Students are expected to attend all classes.

    • Policies on academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced.

  • 장애학생에 대한 학습지원 사항

수강 관련: 문자 통역(청각), 교과목 보조(발달), 노트필기(전 유형) 등

시험 관련: 시험시간 연장(필요시 전 유형), 시험지 확대 복사(시각) 등

기타 추가 요청 사항 발생 시 장애학생지원센터(279-2434)로 요청

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