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International Patents

1. N. L. Ahlborg, W. C. Chueh, H. Jin, A. Majumdar, J. A. Rojas Herrera, S. Zhai,
“Thermochemical gas reduction process using poly-cation oxide”, Application # 15/796766,
Patent # 10995005, 10/28/2017, USA.

Domestic Patents

1. 김현수, 진현규, “열전소자를 이용한 전기자동차의 모터 냉각시스템”, 출원번호 10-
출원일자 2018.03.09.
H. Kim, H. Jin, “Motor cooling system using thermoelectric devices”, Application # 10-2018-
0028127, 03/09/2018, Korea (pending).

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