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Seokyeong Byeon

1. Publication

  • S. Y. Lee*, S. Byeon*, H. S. Kim, H. Jin†, and S. Lee†, Deep Learning-based Phase Prediction of High-entropy Alloys: Optimization, Generation, and Explanation, ​Mater. Des. 197, 109260, (2021)
    * Both authors contributed equally to this work
    † Corresponding authors

    - Headline 1 Hidomin
    - Headline 2 Dongascience
    - Headline 3 Maeil


  • H. Cho, S. Y. Back, J. H. Yun, S. Byeon, H. Jin and J.-S. Rhyee†, Thermoelectric Properties and Low-Energy Carrier Filtering by Mo Microparticle Dispersion in an n-Type (CuI)0.003Bi2(Te,Se)3 Bulk Matrix, ​ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12, 38076-38084 (2020)

  • S. Y. Back, H. Cho, S. Byeon, H. Jin and J.-S. Rhyee†, Effective phonon scattering and enhancement of thermoelectric performance in Ga-excess Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3 compounds, ​Current Applied Physics 20, 1036-1040 (2020)

  • H. Cho, J. H. Yun, J. H. Kim, S. Y. Back, H. S. Lee, S. J. Kim, S. Byeon, H. Jin, and J.-S. Rhyee†, Possible Charge Density Wave and Enhancement of Thermoelectric Properties at Mild-Temperature Range in n-Type CuI-Doped Bi2Te2.1Se0.9 Compounds, ​ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12, 925-933 (2020)

  • S. Y. Back, H. Cho, Y.-K. Kim, S. Byeon, H. Jin, K. Koumoto, and J.-S. Rhyee†, Enhancement of thermoelectric properties by lattice softening and energy band gap control in Te-deficient InTe1-δ, ​AIP Advances 8, 115227 (2018)

2. Presentation

  • Poster presentation
    “A doping study of Zintl compound KSnSb with Li, Bi, Eu”, The 38th International Conference on Thermoelectrics and The 4th Asian conference on Thermoelectrics, Korea, July, 2019.


  • Oral presentation
    “Effect of porous structure on p-type Thermoelectric materials", Thermal Engineering spin conference (KSME), Jeju, Korea, April, 2018.

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