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Manual Hydraulic Press

Palletizing and pressure forming

 ​CARVER - 4350.l

Specifications :

Manually operated

Heavy-duty extended base frame with die storage cavity

Rugged construction to eliminate deflection

Extended daylight opening and stroke for procedures requiring high compaction ratios

Clamping force 12 tons

Daylight opening 0" – 5.5"

Stroke 5-1/8”

Fully enclosed hydraulic unit

Two (2) fully threaded columns

3.5” round top platen

4” round bottom work area (black oxide coated for corrosion resistance)

Front mounted (0-24,000 lb) Analog pressure gauge (digital gauge also available)

Front mounted pump for easy application of full tonnage

Special features, including:

Polycarbonate safety shield with latch

Upper platen with concentric circles for die alignment (Black oxide coated for corrosion resistance)

Evacuation port for connection to an existing vacuum source

Paint: Carver gray two-tone

Removable pump handle

Dimensions: 10.25”L-R x 15”F-B x 23”H (uncrated)

Weight: 115 pounds 

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